Upcoming Workshops - Starting in Spring 2022!

 Lockwood Sculpture Studio, Whidbey Island, WAMy new studio on beautiful Whidbey Island!

All classes will be held on my new 5 acre property on Whidbey Island.  Classes are mostly outdoor, weather permitting.  I am limiting the classes to 4 people or less so that everyone can get the attention and instruction that they need...

Come and breathe the fresh air and visit the many amazing beaches full of driftwood on beautiful Whidbey Island!  There is room to camp on the property, also I have two indoor rooms in the house and an RV for accomodations if you would like to stay onsite.  There is a nominal charge for staying on site.  We will visit my favorite Whidbey Island Beach in search of driftwood, gather together for lunch and dinners on the property, and enjoy bon fires and star gazing at night.  And of course carving!  Please see the class descriptions below and let me know if you are interested.  I am currently putting together a class for Spring 2022.  I can accept individual students for one on one instruction in Fall/Winter of 2021, email me for possible times.

Class outlines:


Driftwood Sculpting I                                                                                                          


5 days

10am to 4pm with an hour for lunch

Max 4 students

Please bring:

   -Driftwood no more than 3 or 4 feet long             

   -You may bring any of your own tools; (a list

     can be provided at request)

    -Bring curiosity, deep listening and passion to                                   

      unveil the story of the driftwood              

Small intimate class of no more than 4 people. Crystal cultivates an environment of listening to the sacred communication of the artists soul to their medium. The creative process is very much collaborative; medium to artist, artist to master.

 Day will start with an introduction to sourcing raw materials. Where, how and when not to. This process is the foundation to each beautiful creation and performing it with reverence and intention is key.  Next Crystal will move into an introduction of  the tools and an open discussion about how to apply them.

 The studio will be set up in the round. While creating your own sculpture, you can observe the master teacher, Crystal in her creative process. Tools such as chainsaws, die grinders, drills, dremel tools, can be provided or you can bring your own.


Driftwood Sculpting II


7 days

10am to 4pm with an hour for lunch

Max 2 students

Prerequisite: Driftwood Sculpting I (exceptions may be made with consent from Crystal)

 Please bring;

                -Driftwood no more than 5 feet long

               - You may bring any of your own tools; a list can be provided at request

                -Bring curiosity, deep listening and passion to unveil the story of your driftwood

 Driftwood Sculpting II introduces work with the chainsaw, using larger pieces of driftwood. As with Driftwood Sculpting I, the students will observe Crystal working on her own piece. Instruction will be very individual and tailored to the students aptitude and interests. Basics of sculpting will be quickly reviewed day 1, moving into more challenging and creative techniques.                                                                                            

One on One instruction with Crystal


 This class is designed for the more seasoned sculptor wanting to work on technique with a master. Individual attention is more focused and you will be challenged to do your best work. Bring curiosity, a willingness to be gently challenged and openness to realize a new level of skill.

Schedule to be determined between Crystal and student.

 This is the ultimate is training. You will work, one on one with Crystal on your own creations. You will watch Crystal’s technique while creating your own master piece. This is for the individual who wants one on one attention and to co-create with fluidity.

 Day one starts with conversation about the process and communion with the medium. This class is largely unstructured to honor the creative process and honor the flow.

 This master class requires a deep conversation prior to enrollment and only a few will be accepted into this level class.

For more information or questions please email Crystal at lockwoodsculpture@gmail.com

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