Upcoming Workshops - 2024!

 Lockwood Sculpture Studio, Whidbey Island, WAMy new studio on beautiful Whidbey Island!

Classes will be held on my 5 acre property on Whidbey Island.  Classes are mostly outdoor, weather permitting.  I am limiting the classes to 4 people or less so that everyone can get the attention and instruction that they need...Classes range from complete beginner to established wood carvers, and also one on one instruction.

Come and breathe the fresh air and visit the many amazing beaches full of driftwood on beautiful Whidbey Island!  We are located 5 miles away from the majestic Deception Pass State Park, where there are beaches and many forested trails to explore.  Anacortes is 30 minutes away, where you can catch a ferry and visit the San Juan Islands.  Come for the workshop and spend a few extra days to experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest!

We have a magical piece of land with many trails for exploring and reflection. And of course carving!  Please see the class descriptions and schedules below and let me know if you are interested.  

Lets make some dust!!   -  Crystal

Upcoming Workshop Schedule Spring/ Summer 2024

5 Day Workshop - May 13-17, 2024 - Driftwood Sculpting I

5 Day Workshop - June 24-28, 2024 - Driftwood Sculpting I

5 Day Workshop - August 19-23, 2024 - Driftwood Sculpting II or III

5 Day Workshop - September 16-20, 2024 - Driftwood Sculpting II or III

Please email me which classes you are interested in, the schedule is flexible.  Bring a friend!

Class outlines:

Driftwood Sculpting I        

Max 4 Students                                                                                                 

$900.00 per person

5 days

10am to 4pm with an hour for lunch (Lunch, coffee and snacks will be provided)

Driftwood & Tools will be provided

Please bring:

   -Eye and ear protection

   - Workclothes            

   -You may bring any of your own tools; (a list

     can be provided at request)

    -Your curiosity & imagination!                                

Small intimate class of no more than 4 people. No previous experience is necessary. 

In this workshop you will learn how to visualize the figure within the driftwood. You will learn what to carve and what to leave natural, and how to communicate and collaborate with the driftwood.  Small to medium sized pieces will be used, ( 12" - 24").  The tools to be used are the die grinder, dremel tool, drill, and hand tools such as chisels and files.  The subjects will be figurative, unless previously agreed upon by me.

 The studio will be set up in the round. While creating your own sculpture, I will also be demonstrating throughout the day.


Driftwood Sculpting II

Max 2 students

$1200. per person                                                                                                                                     

5 days

10am to 4pm with an hour for lunch (lunch, coffee and snacks will be provided)

Driftwood & Tools will be provided

Prerequisite: Driftwood Sculpting I (exceptions may be made if you have previous carving experience)

 Please bring:

               - You may bring any of your own tools; a list can be provided at request

                -Bring curiosity, deep listening and passion to unveil the story of your driftwood

 Driftwood Sculpting II introduces work with the chainsaw, using larger pieces of driftwood. As with Driftwood Sculpting I, I will be demonstrating throughout the day. Instruction will be very individual and tailored to the students aptitude and interests. Basics of sculpting will be quickly reviewed day 1, moving into more challenging and creative techniques.  This class requires previous wood carving experience.                                                                                          

Driftwood Sculpting III

One on One instruction with Crystal

Max 1 Student


7 Days

10 am - 4 pm

 This class is designed for the more seasoned sculptor wanting to work one on one with me. Individual attention is more focused and you will be challenged to do your best work. Bring curiosity, a willingness to be gently challenged and openness to realize a new level of skill.

Schedule to be determined, please call or email me to discuss.

 This is the ultimate in training. You will work, one on one with me on your own creations. You will watch my technique while creating your own master piece. This is for the individual who wants one on one attention and to co-create with fluidity.

  This class is largely unstructured to honor the creative process and honor the flow.

 Please email me for more details about this class.


"I had the pleasure of taking a five day class with Crystal Lockwood this January. I wasn't sure what to expect and I was a little nervous about using a chainsaw but I am so glad I did it. She was simply amazing!

Crystal taught us how to use the tools and safety protocol. She was very patient and helped us with our projects when we were "stuck". Also she made us strive to make our statues better. Since there were only two of us there was a lot of one on one instruction. She would also tell us what needed to be done to make our statues better. She would point out where wood needed to be ground down and chalk mark it so we could see what she was talking about.

 Every person is blown away by our finished products. Crystal is truly a talented lady and there is no way we could have done it without her.

 I am now hooked on the die grinder and am excited to collect and carve more driftwood. Now when I see driftwood I try to see the shape that wants to come out. This was definitely the best art class I have ever taken." -Trish Miller, Seattle, Washington

"I recently had an opportunity to take a work shop from Crystal.  I have always been artistically inclined but I had a fear of carving.  I had experience with power tools, but I just didn't think I could get what I wanted out of the pieces.  She was great at helping me with the tool control and techniques of carving so I  could trust the process. I was able to get out of the driftwood what I was hoping for, so  it was great! She is so informative and helpful and builds up your confidence. Now I'm not afraid to carve anymore! I loved her instructions and her ranch. It is so calming there. An amazing experience, I would highly reccommend." ~ Niccolette Pavlevsky, Florence, Oregon

"For 20+ years, I’ve admired Crystal’s sculptures, and I finally had the opportunity to attend the beginner’s woodcarving workshop. Crystal is a great teacher and inspired me to let a piece of driftwood guide me along in the process of carving. I learned how to handle tools I never had in my hands safely, and while I had a fantastic learning experience, I went home with two lovely pieces of my creation. Thank you, Crystal. I’ll be back for the next workshop." - Birgit Meisner- Richmond, CA. 

"My brother and I spent a week carving a figure out of driftwood with Crystal in April 2022. Crystal is not only a gifted artist, but also an excellent instructor and warm host. Her approach is easy to follow and combines hands on demonstrations with technical practice as they are applied to the project. She has excellent communication skills and was able to adapt to our skill level.  It was fabulous experience, and we intend to again carve and sculpt with Crystal." - Paul & Steve Boechler, Saskatoon, Canada

For more information or questions please email Crystal at lockwoodsculpture@gmail.com

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